Tire Can Cooler


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Product Description

Tire Can Cooler

The can cooler was designed for all motorsports enthusiasts! The cooler is made of 3mm thick neoprene and a 2mm thick rubber coating in tire design. The additional rubber coating also ensuresa better grip for your hand. The Dress-Your-Drink Tire Can Cooler is suitable for all standard, 0.33L (12 oz.), and 0.5L (17 oz.) beverage cans and different types of bottles and cans with an approximate diameter of 6,2cm (2.4 in) to 6,5cm (2.55 in) and a minimum height of 10.5 cm (4.1 in).

Features and delivery information:

  • 1 DRESS-YOUR-DRINK Tire Can Cooler (without can or bottle)
  • Color: Black/Red
  • DRESS-YOUR-DRINK Authenticity Label
  • Suitable for all standard 0.33L (12 oz.) and 0.5L (17 oz.) cans
  • With rubber casing for even better grip

Please observe the following notice:

The tire cooler is suitable for a large number of commercially available beverage cans and bottles (see photo). The coolerdesign is more rigid than the standard neoprene products andthe canor bottle must be pushed into the form. After a certain number of applications, this may cause the neoprene bottom to gradually fray. In this case, the external tire design will remain unaffected. This is not a product defect, but normal wear and tear.


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