Wine bottle cooler 0.75L (25.4 oz.)


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Wine bottle cooler 0.75L (25.4 oz.)

The DRESS-YOUR-DRINK 0.75L (25.4 oz.) wine bottle cooler is suitable for bottles with a diameter of about 7.5cm (3 in) to 8.3cm (3.3 in) and a height of about 26cm (10.2 in) to 34cm (13.4 in). It fits perfectly to standard Bordeaux style 0.75L  (24.5 oz.) wine bottles. The high quality neoprene is 3.5mm thick and provides bottle protection from unwanted shocks. The zipper guarantees a quick and easy change from bottle to bottle. Thanks to the practical zipper eyelet, you can easily hang your Dress-Your-Drink bottle cooler on a backpack or bag to take on the go. The quality sealed neoprene edges prevent fraying and provide additional durability. The closed bottom protects your table from scratches and water stains. This also gives the cooler a seamless and elegant feel, like a little black dress for your bottle.

Features and delivery information:

  • 1 DRESS-YOUR-DRINK 0.75L (24.5 oz.) bottle cooler (without bottle)
  • Color: Choice of black, blue or red
  • Zipper with practical eyelet
  • Sealed and foldable bottom
  • 3.5mm thick Neoprene
  • Sealed Neoprene edges
  • DRESS-YOUR-DRINK Authenticity Label

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Black, Blue, Red