About us

DRESS-YOUR-DRINK was born from a problem we have all experienced. You’re at a party and the drinks are either in a bucket of ice or in the refrigerator. You grab your drink and realize that your hand is now either wet or cold or both. You find yourself searching for a napkin or wiping your hands on your clothes and apologizing for your cold, wet hand everytime you meet someone new. Even worse, you can’t enjoy the end of your beer because it’s already too warm. The host is walking around to make sure everyone is using a coaster on their new, wood furniture and a few drinks later, the cold, wet beer bottle slips out of your hand an spills everywhere. Maybe you keep forgetting which drink is yours or the wine bottle is too warm after just one glass.

Thanks to Dress-Your-Drink, these problems can be a thing of the past. Reduce your paper waste and save money on ice. Never again worry that your refreshing beverage is getting warm. Never again ask, „Is that my drink?“ With Dress-Your-Drink’s unlimited customization options, you’ll always recognized your beverage! Hate giving your friend just a boring, naked bottle of wine for her birthday? Dress up your gift with personalized bottle cooler that can be used for years! “It’s not just about being practical, we want to be responsible for the best looking beverages around! Dress-Your-Drink is the little black dress for you beverage.

Are you a business owner? There is no better way to remind your customers of their great experiences than with Dress-Your-Drink. Everytime they relax and enjoy their favorite beverage, they will see your logo. It doesn’t matter what commercial comes on the TV, your logo is in their hand.


Take a look below at our product photo to get acquainted with our most important product features. We offer high quality products at fair prices paired with superior customer support.